Going with the Flow: Tips and Tricks for Using the Adobe Flex TextFlow Component

We’ve been busily developing using Flex 4 (aka “Gumbo”) here at the Grio offices and are impressed with many of its new features. One of the more interesting but difficult to decipher features is the TextFlow component. The TextFlow component is used to layout text in a highly controlled way. It uses an XML-based markup […]

Keeping it Clean: Creating a Profanity Filter with Flex

I was recently tasked with writing a profanity filter for the chat module of an AIR application. I did some research and alas, there were no Flex examples to be found. I thought I’d share my implementation with you. The filter needed to replace naughty words with asterisks: so profanities such as ‘f— you’ would […]

Adding Sound Effects to Your Flex/AIR Application

It’s easy to add sounds to a Flex/Air application. Here we’ll see how to add whirrs, chirps, and bloops to your application’s button clicks and mouseovers. We’ll also see how to use Air’s EncryptedLocalStore to add mute and volume controls. The first step is to create a sound manager for playing the sounds. The sound manager will make it […]

Intercepting Hyperlinks in HTML Component of Adobe AIR

AIR’s HTML control provides an easy way to render complex html content. It also gives user flexibility in manipulating events and data it contains. For instance, one can easily react to a hyperlink click in an html document. Consider the following html snippet:   var str:String = ‘Go to <a href=”google.com” id=”linkGoogle”>google</a>’; html.data = str; // […]

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