Think Services Turns to Grio to Enhance its Flagship Products

Grio proudly announced the signing of its consulting agreement with Think Services, a division of United Business Media. As part of this collaboration, Grio will assist by designing and introducing an agile software development methodology that fits Think Services' needs. In addition, Grio will be a key player in helping to build the company's next […]

Broadcasting Information: How to use the iPhone Notification Center

There are times when building an iPhone application that you need to inform other parts of the program to do something, without regard to what or where those parts are. The NSNotificationCenter (aka “notification center”) is the way to go in these cases. Using notifications supports ‘loose coupling’, which is a good thing in software […]

Scrum is like 20th Century Politics (Part 1 of 3)

Scrum is a bit like 20th century politics. You have your burn-down crazed fascists, your ground-up “power to the coding plebe” reds, greedy ladder climbers hiding under the guise of scrumocracy, and on very rare occasions… responsible elected representation. Fascism Let’s deal with the fascists first. Your average scrum doctrinaire falls back on phrases like […]

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